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Your Witness Is No Longer Missing: The Art of Finding Witnesses. Whether for the defense or the prosecution, your case often hinges on the testimony of a witness—or perhaps a personal injury client’s case has dragged on for years, and the client has moved and lost contact. When the case comes up and that witness, or that client, can’t be found, you have to act. Now. We’ve redefined the art of Finding Witnesses and can help you.

And what if the investigator you hire comes up empty-handed? Will you have time to find another investigator and hope that this time you’ll have answers?

Today, many private investigators rely entirely on the computer and the Internet to find people.  With these tools, any number of records, such as marriages and divorces, deeds, automobile registrations, and telephone, power, and water records can be quickly searched from a single remote location.

At UCMJ Investigations we also take full advantage of this technology, but unlike many, we don’t stop there.

Another useful investigative tool is social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Your witness or client may be on one or more sites, and if they’re not, it’s likely that someone on a site knows the person you’re looking for, or knows someone who knows them. But unlike many, we don’t stop there.

As useful as these publicly-available resources are, UCMJ Investigations has gone far beyond them with subscriptions and licenses for over 23 different database systems, most of which are not available to the public. These subscriptions and licenses represent a significant dollar investment, providing an unmatched range of information. But we don’t stop there.

Finding people is an art, not a science, and it will never be a science. Your missing witness or client can’t be reduced to just words and numbers in a database. Finding people takes information, lots of it, but it also takes diligence, creativity, innovative methods, and the “sixth sense” that comes from more than 45 years of experience. It takes getting out in the field and doing legwork: interacting with people, locating and interviewing neighbors, friends, and businesses, performing surveillance, and simply going out and knocking on doors. It takes understanding people’s habits and trends to know where they are likely to go. It takes asking the right questions.

We use all of the modern investigative tools, but unlike many, we don’t stop there. We tenaciously validate every piece of information, because information is often wrong or outdated. We do the legwork, finding, following, and eliminating or verifying leads. We relentlessly cross-check and ask questions until we’re satisfied with the investigation. We find people that other investigators cannot. When lawyers need answers, they come to us!

Why would you settle for less?

When your witness, or your client, needs to be found, don’t waste time or money. Call UCMJ Investigations any time, 24 hours a day, at 501-515-2868. Someone will pick up the phone or we will call you back within 2 hours, GUARANTEED!

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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