About Our Agency

UCMJ Investigations provides a wide range of investigative services, experiences and training required by legal professionals, businesses or individuals anywhere a member of the military serves.

Our Leadership

Michael West is the founder and principal of the firm. His 47+ years of personal experiences are outlined in his biography

He has served as a local investigator (Columbus, GA police department), state investigator (GA Alcohol & Tobacco Tax), with federal investigative agencies (FBI, Office of Special Investigations, Department of Defense Inspector General, & US Attorney's Office) and with corporations (Oracle, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Veridian) before starting his own private investigative firm in 2004.

Michael leads our operational and investigative services. His CV is available and will gladly be provided to you upon request.

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About Michael West

A retired OSI Special Agent and Department of Defense - Inspector General Special Agent, Michael has a strong commitment to ensuring his clients are satisfied while still maintaining his professional responsibility of acting as a "disinterested third party".

Using his background of over 47+ years of investigative and law enforcement service to government and private services, including the FBI, U.S. Attorney's Office, and the National White Collar Crime Center, Michael is a strong advocate of producing quality services, reporting findings in a clear and concise format, and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Michael has been conducting investigations since 1971 and has been conducting military-related investigations since then. He holds A.A., Bachelor of Science, and Master’s of Science degrees in Criminal Justice related studies and has had post-graduate studies for his doctoral program. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Board Accredited Investigator, an experienced legal investigator, and a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor (CLEI).

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We are committed and dedicated to providing quality investigative services that 46 years of experience and resources can provide.

We help our clients by addressing issues with a high degree of empathy, confidentiality, confidence, and understanding.

We know the military system and have experience investigating almost all types of allegations.

Our Purpose

UCMJ Investigations exists for the purpose of finding answers to your most personal, private and sensitive questions in a professional, sensitive and dignified manner. We value the military services and obligations of our clients and want you to have the kind of representation that you need.

We are not attorneys but do train them and work closely with them so they have the right information to represent you properly and with a high degree of confidence.

Our Professionalism

The foundation of a total commitment to a client is exhibited by our solemn responsibility to provide the very best service possible to our clients, far exceeding ordinary expectations.

Our professionalism goes beyond any mere legal or common requirement and is exhibited by our desire for complete customer satisfaction.

Our Values

UCMJ Investigations is truly committed to helping clients by meeting and exceeding their expectations through professional and ethical investigations that address client issues through a high standard of empathy, compassion, discretion, confidence and understanding.

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We believe all investigations must adhere to a standard of legal and investigative sufficiency that is honest, truthful and verifiable.


Many of our investigations involve information and details that are sensitive to the client and reveal their most private thoughts. We maintain and respect that privacy and confidentiality.


Clients have a right to expect us to do our jobs in a professional and ethical manner that will represent them in a favorable light. We maintain a standard that exceeds expectations of courts and adjudicators.


We want our clients to know that we not only understand the legal requirements but also that we understand the emotional impact that our investigations undertake. We are always mindful and respectful of that confidence.

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