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UCMJ Investigations specializes in UCMJ cases. We provide a wide range of nationwide investigative services catered to the criminal defense needs of our military personnel.

Military member charges dismissed

A senior enlisted Air Force member in an overseas location was charged with several counts of sexual assault of a neighbor's children. Our investigation contributed to a dismissal of all charges when it was discovered that OSI investigators had failed to properly document their requirements for a search warrant invalidating their investigative findings. 

Convicted woman released from life sentence in prison

Working with the Innocence Project of NY, we were asked to look into locating evidence that was seized by an Arkansas Sheriff's Department which was used to convict a woman for killing her husband. Working under a court order we searched the department's evidence room finding exculpatory evidence. Our findings led directly to her post-conviction release. 

Senior Coast Guard member has Charges Reduced

A senior enlisted Coast Guard member avoided a Court Martial alleging a multitude of assault charges of allegedly assaulting his estranged lover. Our efforts, after interviewing over 230 potential witnesses, helped his attorneys to recommend his voluntary acceptance of a Pre-trial Agreement allowing him to retire after 29 years of service. 

Army Officer Exhonerated of Rape Charges

A young Army officer was charged with raping a woman while attending a wedding. Our investigation included in-person interviews of multiple witnesses in Virginia, Colorado, and Massachusetts. The client was ultimately found not guilty and continues his military career. 

Convicted man released from life sentence in South Carolina prison

Working with the Innocence Project of NY, we were asked to look into locating evidence that was seized and stored by the Marion, South Carolina Police Department which was used to convict a man for killing her husband. Our findings led directly to his release. 

Senior Air Force Physician found not guilty

A Senior Air Force Physician was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and ultimately found not guilty. He was claimed to have assaulted former patients who were believed to have raised the allegations in retaliation because he would not validate a veteran's claim for increased benefits. He was found not guilty but voluntarily separated because of the harm done to his career. 


We assisted another out-of-state investigator and were paid by Crime Watch Daily to help develop additional facts on a case involving Tommy Lee Sells and ultimately developed an affidavit used in the petition filed by the Midwest Innocence Project, seeking to free Rodney Lee Lincoln who spent 36 birthdays behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. 

At age 74, Rodney Lincoln is making up for lost time, enjoying the outdoors, fishing with his son Rod Lincoln, and with old friends he has reconnected with.  Rodney went skydiving for the first time in his life, and is planning his next adventure, making the most of the remaining days he has left on Earth.


A Hot Springs man was accused of capital murder in the shooting death of another local man in a Hot Springs apartment.

We worked for eighteen months with his counsel. The work finally paid off when the jury acquitted the man after only 25 minutes of deliberation.

Our investigation helped to gather facts which proved the evidence gathered by police was not sufficient to convict him. We visited witnesses in prisons, interviewed dozens of people, gathered statements, compared evidence, found witnesses that had not initially come forward, drove hundreds of miles and spent untold hours on the investigation.

Working with a superb team of attorneys made the case a particularly memorable one and a case that demonstrates that we will put 100% effort into it even when the odds say otherwise.

See more about the story in the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record story written by Steven Mross on May 17, 2013 Read More


When a local police chief was fired and allegations were made about police property and evidence being misused and stolen, the mayor asked us to conduct an inventory of the entire department.

Over a three-day period we inventoried and accounted for all available property. We were able to identify those items that were alleged to have been stolen.

The inventory permitted the newly appointed chief to have an accurate baseline of property available and a basis for the city to initiate recovery of the missing property.

Result: taxpayers had a clear picture of how their taxes were spent and the mayor had a basis for action


Our Client faced the death penalty after his 1992 conviction for the murder of his former employer in Lafayette County.

We worked closely with his new attorneys to survey community opinion and determine if the registered voters in the county thought our client ould get a fair trial in that county.

Our investigator was the only defense witness called in his change of venue hearing. Our investigator testified that an overwhelming majority of county residents felt our client could not get a fair trial in the county based on surveys that we conducted over a period of several days.

Result: The subsequent change in venue and new trial ultimately resulted in a verdict of life imprisonment rather than death.

Congratulations to an awesome team again for working so hard to make sure justice was done.


A local police chief was arrested in Arkansas for a variety of charges.

The local prosecutor was aware of our expertise in handling public integrity investigations and recommended we conduct an inventory of the evidence locker of the police department.

One of the allegations was that evidence was being misappropriated and not properly managed. We inventoried a total of 1,490 items and found that less than 10 (not 10% but a total of 10) were properly documented or had significant problems with accountability.

We testified to our findings and our recommendations at the trial (described at that time by the Judge as the longest criminal trial in Arkansas). The individuals were convicted of many of the charges.

Result: although the issues are still being reviewed, we were proud to be a valuable contributor to the community.


A U.S. military member in Germany was fully acquitted following accusations of sexual contact with 2 minors and possessing child pornography.

A team effort resulted in the discovery of an error on the search warrant which resulted in dismissal of the evidence. We also identified several credibility witnesses to support our client.

Great team effort using several long distance offices.


Another Federal Criminal Defense An Arkansas man was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances with Intent to Distribute 18,000 (18 kilos) of cocaine when he was targeted by a Maryland task force, the FBI, Maryland State Police and others. He was arrested along with a co-defendant as they were traveling in Maryland with what was described as a hidden compartment in a service truck.

Ultimately proven to be innocent in court of any involvement in the charges, the client was set free and is now back at home.

Results: Our efforts along with super legal representation contributed to the overall team efforts in getting an innocent man off of charges that would (and had already) altered his life forever.

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