Introducing a blog for UCMJ Investigations

UCMJ Investigations
Investigative services for military members.

Sitting here writing a variety of posts brings to light that I should provide a bit of an explanation about what I’m trying to accomplish. This takes a bit of reflection and thought. It also includes some of the starting thoughts for why I am introducing a blog for UCMJ Investigations and what it means for the readers. This blog is meant specifically for clients that might need my services and the different types of investigations that we conduct or have conducted over the 47 years of experience in the law enforcement and investigative community. All of those experiences bring me to this point in life.

I take only a few clients per year and that’s by design. I take only those people that are in our military services and subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As far as I can tell I’m the only private investigator whose practice is exclusively dedicated to this cause. I know there are other investigators who have worked on military-related cases and have done great jobs, but at some point, you want someone that can decipher the jargon, styles, and rationale used by the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIO’s) and can interpret that into developing a winning strategy to defend our clients.

I work with a specialized group of attorneys who generally focus on these type cases, but I’m not limited to them. Introducing a blog for UCMJ Investigations is my way of communicating with the reader.

Many of these posts don’t deal directly with the military, MCIO’s or court-martial cases. They are designed to be informative and inclusive of many things that a good legal team needs to considerer, whether it’s related to running a sound legal practice, selecting the right staff, hiring the right experts or solutions to problems related to helping their clients. They are designed from an investigator’s perspective and based on my experiences. There are many opinions and points of view out there and these are mine. I’ve written some of them over a period of the last 16 years and have selected them from articles I had written when I founded my first agency. I invite your observations.

You can view my introductory YouTube video at:

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