Screening Prospective Jurors

Screening prospective jurors
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Screening Prospective Jurors when time is limited can be a real problem for you and your client. It’s Friday and jury selection

comes up Monday morning and you need to know what jurors to strike. You only have a limited window of opportunity to learn what you need to know about prospective jurors. Once that window closes, you must proceed with the information you have at hand. Are you confident that you have enough time and the right resources to amass the quality and quantity of juror information you need to make crucial decisions? Are you confident enough to stake your reputation and your client’s future on it without screening prospective jurors?

We are.

At UCMJ Investigations we have the time and resources you need to screen prospective jurors in a limited amount of time. We work quickly and tirelessly to find the answers you are looking for, so you can spend your time on other aspects of the case. We verify our findings and provide you with complete, standardized support documentation for your reference. With our history of success and impeccable ethics, we give you the assurance that every juror is really who and what they claim to be. Or not.

We all know that there is a “best” jury for every case. Some juror eliminations are obvious – you probably don’t want a victim of a violent crime or a strong advocate for the death penalty on a jury panel when you are defending a murder suspect, and you don’t want people with doctorate degrees or law enforcement experience on a jury panel in cases involving complex evidence or expert witness testimony against your client – but not all eliminations are so clear.

UCMJ Investigations can help you select your “best” jury confidently and efficiently. Our expertise at juror observation and questioning has delivered positive results for our clients.

Our comprehensive methodology of observation, voir dire questioning development, background research, personality profiling, and direct interviews cuts through common social masks to expose the true character of prospective jurors. This is the information you need quickly, to make strategic decisions about juror elimination and selection.

Like your clients, our success rests on your success. We take that partnership very seriously, and we pledge our full attention for complete and thorough services from intake to final disposition of your case. We demonstrate our dedication to our clients by offering our ethical, professional, competent, and innovative investigation and litigation support 24 hours a day.

For the sake of your client and your case, let the professionals at UCMJ Investigations help to screen prospective jurors for you.

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