Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update

We are open and we are operating!

These are uncharted times due to the Coronavirus but it may provide opportunities that have never existed before. It’s caused us to search out and revise some of the ways we do things, but we will persevere. This pandemic is affecting everyone but rest assured, we will continue to provide you with quality services.

Our business is designed to be flexible and handle circumstances in unusual or unconventional ways. That’s what we have always done and what we will always do.

We can be reached by phone, email, text messages, skype or several other ways. We’re here for you.

We greatly appreciate your support and interest in our services. If you have any questions please let us know.

Beat regards and stay safe. Please be aware of the many scams this disaster has generated and treat them accordingly.

The UCMJ Investigations Team.

You can see my companion video on YouTube at:

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