Social Media Searches for Defense Cases

Social Media Searches for defense cases
Social media searches for defense cases

Information is power. With it, you have the power to prepare for the courtroom. Without it, it’s a roll of the dice and fingers crossed that you have built a strong case and will win. That’s no way to run your practice unless you want to run it into the ground. Thanks to the internet, you have more information available to you now than at any other time in history. That is if you know where and how to find it. Hiring a professional for social media searches for defense cases will help you win more cases.

  • Build a strong case based on facts
  • Evaluate law enforcement actions and reports
  • Identify and locate possible witnesses
  • Confirm or disprove witness claims
  • Respond to client needs and concerns
  • Locate hidden assets
  • Provide evidence of existing relationships

Why do you need a professional social media search? It’s no secret that people often post (and sometimes later delete) information on social media that contradicts or supports reported facts, testimony, opinions, and credentials. Our searches enable you to complete and verify “the picture” you are forming of a client, witness, or potential business partner by uncovering information hidden in social media, visible web, deep web, and archived websites. You may be able to locate “hidden” witnesses and previously undisclosed facts that would be an asset to your case. You can minimize the risk of unpleasant courtroom surprises by finding out what a social media researcher may learn about your client and witnesses.

Can you conduct your own social media search?

Of course, you can, however, UCMJ Investigations is uniquely qualified to search and find more information than you can find on your own. Why? As licensed investigators, we maintain subscriptions and licenses for more than 23 different database systems, most of which are not available to the public. Our investigators apply carefully honed search patterns that have proven to yield results from our basic search. We also offer an enhanced investigator assisted search that includes the services of a dedicated analyst who personally processes the search and harnesses additional investigative strategies for a deeper dive into social media and web searching.

A shallow search is barely better than no search at all, and failure to thoroughly research and preserve social media can result in missed opportunities, inadequate case development, and insufficient preparation for court. UCMJ Investigations has a track record of success helping attorneys like you find hidden and undisclosed information, hidden assets, and relationships and alliances that can impact your cases. Our professional searches offer you more complete coverage in less time than trying to do it yourself. We summarize all our findings in customizable, courtroom-ready reports.

Sometimes it’s easy to match the results of our database checks with the records you’re seeking, sometimes not. Like the practice of law, investigation is part art and part science. Obviously, the more information you have to start with, the easier it is and the better your chances of finding usable information. We can’t guarantee anything, but we generally have success with 75-80% of the inquiries we receive.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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