Social media for hiring employees

social media for hiring employees
social media for hiring employees

Do you use social media for hiring employees or search social media for information that could harm your practice? Is social media a tool for hiring for your business? When considering a new hire, potential investor, or scouting for a business partner does your due diligence investigation include social media searches? How about once that person is integrated into your business—do you continue to scope out their online activities? Imagine logging onto Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and seeing an image of your employee using drugs. How would that reflect upon your business? Now imagine finding posts from an employee to a new investor; what might that employee be sharing? The possibilities are endless.

According to the number of  (“Social Media Users Worldwide”) the number of social media users, as of 2020, is estimated at 3.8* billion active on social media—Facebook users total over 1.15 billion, more than 1 billion have Google+ accounts, and more than 550 million users are currently registered on Twitter, and Instagram has over 1 billion users. In the U.S. users are estimated to spend 1 hour, 57 minutes per day on social media.

Why are these platforms so popular? Because they allow for self-expression, spontaneity, and unguarded and often unfiltered personal communication rarely witnessed in the work environment. Among the demographic most largely represented by these sites, 18 – 29 year old’s are most active; statistics show 89% currently using social media. 72% of individuals’ 30 – 49 years of age are currently active on social media. 99%* of those active are accessing social media from their mobile devices. That’s a staggering amount of information being transmitted and received on social media, and UCMJ Investigations knows how to receive and scrutinize that information to ensure it does not have damaging effects on your business.

UCMJ Investigations’ professional social media searches uncover text posts, photos, videos, time-stamped whereabouts, personal biases, relationships, and casual confessions you may not be privy to.

UCMJ Investigations has access to:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • and dozens of other websites (and we change frequently).

We comb through status updates, images, groups, organizations, awards, personal achievements, comments, likes, and more to gather insight about an individuals’ character, hidden assets, associations between people, and factual discrepancies.

UCMJ Investigations will help you find information from various sources, find creative sources of information, utilize proprietary databases, search public and social media records, and find and interview witnesses.

Regardless if you’re concerned about a potential or current employee or investor, UCMJ Investigations’ can assist you with your social media searches. Do your due diligence.

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*Updated 4/30/20

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