Role of social media in winning cases

Role of social media in winning cases
Role of social media in winning cases

Despite what many of today’s social media users believe, you can get along perfectly well in your personal life without “friending” online. Your professional life, however, may suffer, because users are right about one thing; social media is a unique hub of information, some of which can benefit your practice and your clients. The role of social media in winning cases cannot be overstated.  If you don’t know a “tweet” from a “Pin” or a “+1” from a “follow” you may be inadvertently underserving your clients. 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.  That kind of activity should play a role in you winning cases.

Forward-thinking attorneys understand why teens are drawn in droves to social media. It is a platform for self-expression. It shows “the other side” of people; the spontaneous, unguarded, personal side rarely shown in a witness interview or courtroom testimony. UCMJ Investigations’ professional social media searches bring to light text posts, pictures, videos, time-stamped whereabouts, personal bias, relationships, and casual “confessions” you might not otherwise be privy to. Imagine finding a social media photo of two reticent witnesses who claim not to know each other – arm in arm! Or a cell phone video showing a client at gun range target practice, and the client claims to have never fired a gun in his life. How would that affect your development of a case?

A UCMJ Investigations social media search includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Whatsapp, Messenger, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube and over 29 other websites. We update and revise our searches to meet the everyday changes of the internet. We uncover hidden assets, associations between people, factual discrepancies, and information witnesses or law enforcement personnel may fail to disclose. We give you information to supplement what you already know, so you can build a winning case.

If you’re not convinced of the need to include social media in your case development, consider that Facebook users currently number over 1.62 billion. More than one billion people have Google+ enabled accounts, and more than 550 million of us are registered users of Twitter. It is highly likely that your business partners, clients, and witnesses maintain some social media presence.

The use of pseudonyms and quasi-fake identities in social media can complicate your efforts to check up on clients and witnesses. UCMJ Investigations has the time and skill to get past the online monikers and find the facts you need to best represent your clients.

The Internet and social media have changed much about the way we live and work, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the value of your time. Don’t waste time chasing facts that we can find for you, and don’t let yourself be surprised in the courtroom. Let UCMJ Investigations help you clear the Internet minefield so you can advance, armed and prepared. View our YouTube video on this topic at:

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