Can we work with your attorney?

Can we work with your attorney?
Can we work with your attorney?

UCMJ Investigations can work with your attorney in a variety of ways. We’ve conducted enough investigations over our 45+ year span as investigators on behalf of the government and we’ve evaluated the investigative sufficiency of the cases that other government investigators have developed. We are able to provide you and your military or civilian lawyer with an ‘insiders’ look that can help them defend you.

There are several ways we can work with your attorney. For instance, we can:

  • review your case documents to provide guidance about how well the government investigated your case and provide an insight into deficiencies of their case. Your attorney can then take that information and provide an approach to the best legal defenses for your situation.
  • provide a review to develop further investigative direction. We review the case files for insight into other areas and directions that the government should have but didn’t take to prove your innocence. We’ll provide recommendations about who else should be interviewed or what other evidence should be examined to help prove the government failed to do their job right and how you can be defended.
  • conduct a line-by-line evaluation of the government’s investigation and recommend possible alternative defenses. Not only can we help determine who should be interviewed or questioned, but we can provide your attorneys with possible direction on their defense.
  • provide full investigative services if you desire. We frequently conduct investigations to help develop logical leads and logical answers that can be used by your attorney to defend you. This is the longest duration of all the services but the most thorough and comprehensive This provides a full suite of answers to your attorneys and questions that need to be asked of the government.

If you don’t have an attorney we can provide the same reviews and same services directly to you.

We are not attorneys and we’re not trying to replace your attorney but we do look at these cases from the perspective of critically evaluating the methods used by the government and finding errors in their case. This has proven effective in several cases where we have found constitutional deficiencies and inadequate investigation in the government’s case.

We’ve been considered experts in the evaluation of law enforcement investigative practices and had helped in many cases including post-conviction review, inadequate defense cases, Innocence Project cases, reviews of law enforcement evidence facilities and a series of other related investigative services.

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** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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