Obtain all the information you need

Obtain all the information you need
Obtain all the information you need

Obtain all the information you need for a civil or criminal defense case by hiring the most qualified investigator.

When building a civil or criminal defense case, it is not enough to know what information you think you need; you must also know where and how to get the information you need for your case to be successful.

Have you ever realized too late that you overlooked a component of your case? Have you ever wished you had more time to pursue a lead? Have you ever thought, “I wish there were more hours in the day?”

While the professional investigators at UCMJ Investigations can’t actually put more hours in the day, we can help you consider all components of your case, we can uncover and pursue leads that you don’t have time to pursue, and we can help you obtain all the information you need to build a successful civil or criminal defense case.

The professional team at UCMJ Investigations has knowledge of, and experience with, all of the major components of a civil defense investigation, including:

  • Interviews – witnesses, victims, law enforcement personnel
  • Investigative Procedures and Laws – evidence is preserved intact and admissible in court
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction – analysis of a scene, review of law enforcement reports
  • Skip Trace and Finding People – can uncover new and previously unknown facts relevant to your case
  • Well Written Concise Reports – our reports are supported by facts and ready for court
  • Expert network – to aid with your technical defense
  • Computer search and seizure procedures

You will benefit by having more time to better serve your clients, prepare your cases and grow your business and by having more services and capabilities to offer your clients.

Your success in court depends in part on your ability to assemble complete information for your case. Do you really have the time and resources to do that yourself? Do you really have the time to chase down leads, hunt for lost witnesses, or try to extract evidence from a computer? Maybe you do have the time, but do you have the necessary skill and technology? We do. That is what we do.

UCMJ Investigations has over 45 years of experience in all areas of civil defense. Our respected investigators have conducted criminal investigations for a variety of government agencies and private and public businesses.

Your clients’ lives, your reputation, and your business success rest on your ability to prepare your very best defense case. We have the knowledge, insight, technological tools, and professional network you need to do just that. Partner with UCMJ Investigations and we will help make sure you cover all the bases.

Call UCMJ Investigations today at 501-515-2868 for a Free Consult on your civil defense case.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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