Hiring to save you money.

Hire the right person
Hiring to save you money

Is that person the right person for the position? Hiring the right person can save you money and make your practice profitable and efficient — hiring the wrong one can break it. How can you ensure you make the best choice? You need to know the applicant is the best available, that they are who they say they are, and how their past can adversely affect you.

A good pre-employment background investigation produces this data and can save your firm time, money and embarrassment. It helps keep your firm safe. Each year more business owners face financial or legal trouble that could have been avoided with effective pre-employment research. UCMJ Investigations can cite cases where such research would have saved companies $300,000 to $400,000, not to mention the loss in customer confidence.

Simply asking a prospective hire for references and not performing an independently thorough background check is ineffective and “unlikely to turn up any evidence of past misconduct,” according to the Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2008 Report to the Nation.

Pre-employment background investigations are virtually required in today’s business climate. UCMJ Investigations’ work is thorough and discreet, done without the applicant knowing it ever happened. We produce a full set of records that may or may not contain anything that might alarm the employer.

We do not rely on records obtained from publicly available online ‘background search’ websites that generally provide outdated information. Those are generally inaccurate and fraught with old and misleading information.

Our investigation goes beyond a basic background records check, which looks at available records, to a proactive inspection of the candidate’s criminal, financial, social, property ownership and credit history, and includes an extended reference check and employment verification. We study the applicant’s character: Are they honest, trustworthy, reliable? Are they who they say? Can they do what they say?

Our investigation can range from general investigations for candidates in entry and intermediate level positions to detailed investigations for senior-level positions. Detailed investigations uncover the more in-depth details of someone’s life and can be done for level “C” hires (CEO, CFO, COO).

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