Internal Misappropriation

Internal misappropriation
Internal misappropriation

Law firms are not exempt from internal misappropriation. Misappropriation happens everywhere and usually, it is committed by that trustworthy employee that’s been with your firm for years.

If business fraud were easy to detect, business fraud wouldn’t exist. Fraudsters hide behind your trust and good faith, and they know how to use them against you.

UCMJ Investigations has assisted dozens of businesses like yours to identify internal fraud.

We specialize in difficult and complicated cases involving financial, economic and business practices. We are Certified Fraud Examiners with specialized training in this area, and we are properly positioned to approach your business without the emotional attachments that can cloud your perception and enable fraud to continue and flourish.

Fraudsters know how difficult it can be to recognize fraud in your own business, and they count on you to rationalize small suspicions and “explain away” things that don’t make sense. They are your employees and friends and even family members. And they profit from it. That’s why you need UCMJ Investigations. We can be your objective, external partners in fraud detection.

We provide a FREE seven-point analysis that can tell you if you are at risk. We can work with you to:

  • Analyze your fraud risk
  • Detect the presence of fraud in your business
  • Evaluate your procedures and identify gaps or weaknesses
  • Conduct vulnerability surveys and make necessary corrections
  • Interview victims and witnesses
  • Develop an effective fraud prevention program
  • Conduct fraud prevention training

If you’re not sure you need professional fraud investigators, consider this actual case study. When a local business owner discovered that his long-term office manager had embezzled $140,000 from him, we got the call. Our mission: find out if she had any assets they could recover and any other information that might be of value to the client. We found that she had a local bank account with only a moderate balance ($7,000), but when we conducted a professional investigation, we uncovered multiple bank accounts she held in a previously unknown and unidentified bank. Local police investigators were notified of the ‘hidden’ bank accounts but declined to take any steps to seize the bank accounts and protect the ‘fruits of the crime’.  They were only interested in filing criminal charges. We took matters in our own hands and worked with the attorney to get a court order restricting the banks from distributing any part of the accounts. RESULT: an arrest and court pending.

Additionally, we received this testimonial as a follow up to this case:

Michael, I thought you might like to see the results from your good work on this case. This is my first experience with a certified fraud examiner but it won’t be my last. Thanks for your help.

We were able to come to a settlement as well as a recommendation on the criminal proceedings involved in this fraud. We were able to obtain a settlement for $135,000 including $7,000 in cash, distribution of $26,500 from this person’s profit-sharing proceeds, repayment of $50,000 from sale of the house and a monthly payment schedule. We’re also recommending a ten-year suspended sentence subject to the terms of our agreement.

– Steve Napper, Attorney
Little Rock, AR

UCMJ Investigations has long been recognized as a leader in fraud detection and prevention. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your business. Call UCMJ Investigations at 501-515-2868 for a Free Consultation.

(While this issue may not directly be related to current services offered by UCMJ Investigations, the issues are relevant to the continued viability of your legal firm. They derive from our archived articles and are presented as a public service.)

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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