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Crime Scene
Crime Scene

You should seriously consider using an investigator to answer questions about your crime scene. All crime scenes are physically unique, and all contain physical evidence that is pivotal to the resolution of a suspected criminal act. The crime scene examination may be the only opportunity to recover and preserve critical evidence you need to develop a strong defense for your client. While most investigators will never make it to a crime scene, very few have the knowledge and ability to re-enact and re-build a scene.

Early action at the crime scene can result in destruction or neglect of evidence, as well as influencing witnesses and suspects in ways that change their testimony, inaccurate documentation of the details of the crime scene, and poor preservation of evidence. Whether intentional or unintentional, failure to accurately record and preserve crime scene evidence can make it exceedingly difficult for you to build a strong case for your client.

A qualified private investigator can help you build a stronger defense case by uncovering or un-disclosing evidence at a crime scene.  A skilled investigator can use cutting-edge technology to recover crime scene evidence that may have been overlooked, analyze and interpret the evidence in relation to your case, and document their findings precisely and professionally. The experienced private investigators at UCMJ Investigations can do all of that and more for you. Our objective, thorough, and thoughtful approach to crime scene examination can make the difference between you winning and losing in court, and the difference between your client having to complete community service rather than serve a prison sentence.

We know as well as you do those investigations may change course a number of times throughout the discovery process, and physical evidence and witness testimony that was initially dismissed as unimportant may evolve into information that is critical for your case. At UCMJ Investigations our crime scene investigators:

  • Recognize and preserve physical evidence that is or may become vital to the investigation
  • Evaluate whether a crime scene has been properly handled by law enforcement
  • Analyze witness and suspect statements for discrepancies and additional information
  • Conduct background searches on witnesses and suspects to find information about their history, previous testimonies, employment, residence, and any other details that are pertinent to your case
  • Identify environmental influences at the crime scene
  • Thoroughly document with video and still photography

We are experienced in criminal defense, and we know that, in addition to showing what happened at a crime scene, you need to show what didn’t happen. Our expert crime scene reconstruction can add credibility to your client’s denials and show how improbable or unlikely a particular scenario is. Our investigators use police reports and witness testimony to reconstruct and reenact crime scene events. We record and photograph the results so you can see (from your office) what did and did not happen and develop your defense accordingly.

If you want to build a stronger defense case and succeed for your clients, call UCMJ Investigations at 501-515-2868 for a Free Consult.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **


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