Defense investigations aren’t as simple as just gathering evidence.

Police investigation
When police do not do their jobs

Defense investigations aren’t as simple as just gathering evidence that directly helps you as a client. It is also gathering information that shows law enforcement abused their authority, abused the client, or failed to conduct a proper and complete investigation. Imagine when a client is pepper-sprayed while sitting in a patrol car, or imagine a client being thrown to the ground after being handcuffed. Abuses by law enforcement are not new. Most law enforcement officers are good people and very professional, and I have been proud to have worked alongside them. I’ve personally been a police officer and a federal agent for years and have worked with some of the most talented, capable and professional people that I could wish for. But, there are some that shouldn’t be in that job. As a result, they might push the client to limits. Be sure that you provide your investigator and attorney with all the information relating to your case, not just want you think they need to know.

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