Changes to the UCMJ are coming by way of the 2022 NDAA.

Changes to NDAA
There are significant changes to the NDAA

There are changes to the UCMJ by way of the 2022 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  The 2022 NDAA makes significant changes to the military justice system and they will affect you.  Some changes go into effect in two years. Three significant changes will be taking place: (1)  Flag officers lose their authority to refer certain charges to courts-martial – lawyers will make the decision whether or not to prosecute certain offenses including who is charged with Article 120, Article 120b, or  Article 120c;  (2) Military Judges, not panel members, will sentence convicted service members in all special and general courts-martial even if the member selected trial by panel members; (3) Service members will be charged with sexual harassment under Article 134 instead of Article 92.

To see a more detailed summary of changes to the UCMJ coming by way of the 2022 NDAA. there is a great article by clicking here. Thanks to LTC Daniel Maurer for access to this document. Contact us at UCMJ Investigations for a detailed defense investigative plan.

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