What can an investigator do or not do?

What investigators can not do
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Truth or Consequences: What a Private Investigator Can and Cannot Do. Odds are that both you and your clients have much to gain from working with a professional investigator (PI). The better your understanding of what an investigator can and cannot do, the better your odds of receiving maximum benefit from that partnership.

For example, a licensed professional investigator can find out if a person or business has a bank account, which can help support your case or aid in finding hidden assets. However, investigators are not authorized to access details of an individual or business bank account, and any PI who offers or promises to do that is a PI you should walk away from.

The professional investigators at UCMJ Investigations deftly work within the law to uncover the information you and your clients need. Simply put, our professional investigators do a lot. We do employ specialized skills to obtain relevant information not available to the general public, and we do so without disclosing involvement or compromising confidentiality. We do offer clear, concise courtroom presentations when requested, and we do maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. So, what don’t we do?

We don’t violate ethical principles or the law. Ever.

That means we don’t illegally record conversations, install wiretaps or plant bugs, although we do help find them.

We don’t intercept telephone calls, but we do analyze calls if the phone is physically in your possession.

We don’t break into buildings, vehicles or computers, but we do complete data forensics on a computer that is legally in your possession, and we do go into companies to look at computers and computer records. This is legal because the computer is owned by the business or business owner.

Professional investigators don’t arrest people or read them their rights. They do on TV, maybe, but not in real life. However, we do work in concert with law enforcement to analyze witness reports, conduct witness interviews and complete background investigations.

We don’t access law enforcement databases, but we do tap into proprietary databases and resources in every country in the world except North Korea. We exhaust every legal avenue to find the answers you and your clients are looking for.

Every competitive professional investigator will tell you that he or she is “great” or “the best.” At UCMJ Investigations, we don’t just tell you; we show you. Our professional investigators are licensed and undergo a rigorous training program. We do everything we can (legally) to deliver what you need. We work quickly and quietly behind the scenes to support your efforts, and we ensure that our work is an enhancement, not a distraction. Often the best time to contact a PI is before you need one. For the best outcome, call UCMJ Investigations for a free consultation during the initial intake of a case.

Don’t risk your case and reputation on an unlicensed PI or a videographer to record ‘daily activities’, this is simply a subterfuge to hiring an unlicensed private investigator. If you hire an unlicensed PI you not only make yourself and your client vulnerable to ethical violations, it may be against the law.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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