Surveillance can benefit your client

Surveillance can benefit your client
Surveillance can benefit your client

Surveillance can benefit your client in any type of defense case, civil or criminal. While surveillance is not generally thought of as applying to defense type cases we have found they are quite useful.  Would it be useful to know that the ‘victim’ of an assault hangs out with several other women who have made similar complaints and dropped their complaints after reaching a “settlement”? Think outside the box.

CASE STUDY – Faced with awarding over a million dollars, a national insurance company believed there were plenty of red flags on the claim and asked us to conduct surveillance on the claimant. Our task was to track the daily activities of a man who claimed he was hardly able to walk due to having had his ankle crushed.  UCMJ Investigations surveillance teams conducted over a dozen surveillances of the man’s residence. Although he was observed walking and conducting activities around his house, we didn’t feel we had the evidence the client needed, so we continued watching him. One afternoon we saw him practicing his golf swing in the front yard.  We watched from a distance and recorded him practicing until late in the afternoon. Early the next morning, we returned to his residence and found two rental moving vans present at the house. We notified the client of this development and then maintained continuous surveillance for the next 17 hours.

Our efforts paid off.

We videotaped the supposedly injured man climbing steps while carrying heavy loads, helping to load heavy objects while walking up loading ramps, and running across the street and yard several times when suddenly caught in a rain shower. We immediately provided our report and video to the client who was able to contact the man as he returned to his home state. Result: he lost the entire claim and was forced to repay the amount that had been paid to him previously.

Surveillance services can benefit your clients in many types of cases including defending them on allegations of workers’ compensation fraud, personal injury cases, other insurance fraud, and infidelity. UCMJ Investigations provides a flexible suite of services designed to assist our attorney, individual, business and insurance clients. Our professionally trained investigators have conducted literally hundreds of covert surveillance to locate witnesses, track subjects’ whereabouts, record, and document daily activities, and uncover information that can help your case. We use the latest GPS and surveillance technology to find the answers you need in a variety of circumstances, including low light and nighttime surveillance tools. Our state-of-the art cameras and audio recording devices deliver clear proof of the truth.

Whether you are working with a suspicious spouse or trying to protect a client from paying out a fraudulent claim, UCMJ Investigations can get answers to your most pertinent and personal questions. Covert surveillance is just one of the techniques our investigators use to help you recover money from false claims and deter future false claims. We are dedicated to protecting personal safety and helping you build a solid case.

In the hands of a skilled professional, “Show and Tell” can be a powerful tool for uncovering the truth.

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