Provide the best criminal defense

Provide the best criminal defense
Provide the best criminal defense

Every attorney wants to provide the best criminal defense for their client. As an attorney, your time is precious. It takes an extraordinary amount of time to make sure every one of your criminal defense clients is properly represented and justice is served for them. Multiply that time burden for each of your clients, and it becomes clear that you may benefit from other specialists lending their time and expertise.

UCMJ Investigations has the specialized knowledge, experience, and dedication to add value to your criminal defense case, and we can give you extra time from the point of intake through the entire process. Our 45+ years of experience increases your efficiency by covering essential bases that time doesn’t allow you to cover.

Have you ever read a police report that is totally error-free, totally objective and free of bias? You already know the answer to that. It’s “no.” It’s our job to find the inherent errors and demonstrate the adverse effect on your client.

Case Study

A Hot Springs man was accused of capital murder in the shooting death of another local man in a Hot Springs apartment. Our investigation gathered pivotal facts that proved the evidence gathered by police wasn’t sufficient to convict him. We visited witnesses in prisons, interviewed dozens of people, gathered statements, compared evidence, found witnesses that had not initially come forward, drove hundreds of miles and spent untold hours on the investigation. Eighteen months of working with his counsel finally paid off when the jury acquitted him after only 25 minutes of deliberation. Working with a superb team of attorneys made the case a particularly memorable one and a case that demonstrates that we will put 100% effort into it even when the odds say otherwise. Click here to see the entire news article by Steven Mross of the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, dated May 17, 2013. Click here to see the entire news article by Steven Mross of the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, dated May 17, 2013.

According to the Northern California Innocence Project, “Incorrect eyewitness identification is the single largest source of wrongful convictions, playing a role in more than 75 percent of convictions overturned through DNA testing.” Can your client afford incorrect eyewitness identification? Can you? At UCMJ Investigations we don’t believe you should have to. We know what to look for and how to find it. We have forged a stellar reputation for uncovering new and previously unknown facts and providing expert assistance with technical defenses. Our comprehensive professional discovery and sound critical review uncovers shortcuts of a law enforcement investigation that can negatively impact your client’s life.

We summarize our findings in professional reports that clearly convey factual details that you can count on.

Partnering with UCMJ Investigations enhances the suite of services you can offer your clients. Our professional services include:

  • Thorough searches of crime scene
  • Reconstruction of an accident scene
  • Find details of the opposing party
  • Witness, victim and plaintiff location, background investigation, and interview
  • Asset search
  • Litigation preparation
  • Development of interrogatories
  • Legal interviews
  • Litigation investigations
  • Jury consulting
  • Evaluation of computer seizure procedures

Our services cover many of the things you must do in every case; why not let us handle those things and give yourself more time for the areas of criminal defense that require your specialized skill?

Using UCMJ Investigations as a valuable tool in your criminal defense cases can give you time to bring in more clients and more revenue.

Call UCMJ Investigations at 501-515-2868 for more information.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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