Misconduct by Investigators?

Misconduct by investigators.
When investigators don’t do their jobs.

What if there is Misconduct by Investigators? or by Prosecutors?

Who is responsible when a case goes bad? It’s the responsibility of investigators to provide a thorough and comprehensive investigative product to prosecutors. When they take shortcuts or fail to look into every possible aspect of a case who should be held responsible? What happens when a prosecutor takes a case to court without a complete investigative product? Is the prosecutor engaged in misconduct when they use the information they know is incomplete to charge a person? We often see cases taken to court for purely political reasons without any solid investigative effort. Isn’t that prosecutorial misconduct? How will you or your defense attorney fight against these types of miscarriages of justice unless you conduct a thorough and complete investigation of your own? You can’t accept what the investigative agencies provide or what the prosecutors provide as being the absolute truth. You need to find out what the truth is. This is why we do what we do.

We have investigated many cases where people are prosecuted and often convicted when it is obvious to a trained and experienced professional that the evidence is nonexistent, corrupted, or misinterpreted. Some have been incarcerated for years and some never made it into court. Some cases were the result of an inadequate investigation by police or investigative agencies and some are the result of misconduct by investigators (i.e. not doing what they are supposed to do). It’s inconceivable that a professional investigative agency would not do everything they could do to find the real facts of a case. But, there are some that do just enough to justify in their own minds that they have found all the facts and never search further. That’s why we do what we do.

Rather than rely on what happens in court, you and your attorney need to be proactive.

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