Investigators use the Reid Technique improperly

I find that often investigators use the Reid Technique improperly and warrant scrutiny.

Coerced confession

For years the OSI, NCIS, CID and many other federal agencies have considered the method of interrogation usually referred to as the “Reid Technique” and developed by Reid and Associates as the mainstay of their tools for interrogation. There’s plenty to be said in contradiction of the method. the primary arguments for suppression of a confession include:

  • Police using the false evidence ploy on vulnerable suspects
  • Police obtain a confession after responding to a suspect asking about the consequences of confessing
  • Police failing to record the interrogation
  • Police failing to corroborate the confession
  • Police interrogating a suspect for over four hours
  • Police shackling the suspect or confronting him with armed interrogators.

If you are bring accused of a crime, do not talk to the police. Ask for your lawyer first and foremost and never retract that request.

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