Discover a reliable tool

Discover a reliable tool
Discover a reliable tool

Discover a reliable tool by finding a quality investigator for your defense cases.

How many versions of the truth exist? In a criminal case, there may be as many versions of the truth as there are people telling it. As a defense attorney, your job is to sift through multiple versions of the truth and piece together the most favorable version of events for your client.

A skilled private investigator is a reliable resource for you when developing a defense strategy. A qualified investigator can help you build a stronger defense and increase the likelihood that you will win your case or obtain a reduction in charges against your client. The professionals at UCMJ Investigations are experts at working with defense attorneys to ensure that the investigation is accurate, verifiable, complete, and ready for court.

Is your defense ready for court? Even if your client’s version of events is factual, it may not be consistent with verifiable evidence. It may be difficult to win sympathy in the courtroom. One or more of your witnesses may not be who or what you believe them to be. A court-ready defense strategy can make the difference between a life in prison and community service, or the difference between crippling fines and moderate recompense.

When you consider how important your defense strategy is to your client and your business, the benefits of working with a qualified private investigator become clear.

The experts at UCMJ Investigations have the insight and experience necessary to help you develop an effective defense strategy. Our Criminologist and investigators have a history of successfully investigating minor crimes, such as thefts and assaults, and major crimes including murder, suicide, rape, and counterintelligence (counter-terrorism, executive protection and espionage), drug cases, fraud, copyright infringement, misconduct, medical fraud, and computer crime investigations. It is difficult to find a category of investigative work we haven’t experienced at some time in our history.Our written reports include detailed information about all aspects of our investigations, including a thorough evaluation of other investigators’ work so you can see if they conducted their investigation methodically or haphazardly filled in the blanks. UCMJ Investigations is experienced with conducting ineffective legal counsel investigations we focus on providing quick and quality service for your client.

You need to spend your time and energy developing defense strategies for your clients. UCMJ Investigations provides a variety of services to help you obtain the information you need without having to do it yourself. We can:

  • Locate and interview witnesses and victims
  • Find histories of witnesses and previous testimonies
  • Find details about plaintiffs and their history
  • Search for assets
  • Assist with litigation preparation
  • Develop interrogatories
  • Conduct legal interviews and jury consultations
  • Evaluate computer seizure procedures

We can’t promise any particular outcome, but we can promise 110% effort to ensure that your clients get a fair deal and honest representation. Call us at 501-515-2868 for a Free Consult about your defense case.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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