Components of a criminal defense investigation

elements of a fraud defense investigation
Defense investigation

Knowing the major components of a criminal defense investigation is critical to the success of your case. To help you properly represent your client, the investigator needs to be aware of the important components of your case as you plan for developing your criminal defense.

An experienced investigator will know the six major components of a criminal investigation, and what needs to be done with each. If you don’t have an investigator, you should hire one with the experience and knowledge necessary about these six components:

  • interviews
  • investigative procedures and law
  • crime scene reconstruction
  • skip tracing
  • well-written and concise reports
  • and computer seizure.

UCMJ Investigations has over 47 years of experience in these areas, and recently expanded our computer forensics and forensic hacking department. We know the importance of interviewing victims, and conducting interviews with known witnesses and identifying previously unknown witnesses. We have the knowledge of investigative procedures and law necessary to review police reports, analyze reports for omissions, and know when there are breaks in a procedure that would affect the client’s rights, case, or investigative sufficiency. UCMJ Investigations is well versed in the procedures and laws to follow during the course of an investigation, and all the laws that are involved in a police investigation.

We understand that hiring an investigator with the experience and knowledge of crime scene reconstruction can be crucial when determining if the reports from the crime scenes are accurate, and when interpreting the reported findings. Our experience ranges from investigating minor crimes such as theft and assault to major crimes including: murder, rape, counterintelligence, drug cases, medical fraud, and computer crime and any investigator that you use should have these types of experience.

Finding lost or previously unknown witnesses can be imperative to winning your case. Witnesses may have important information relating to the case. Locating these individuals can require skip tracing, which can prove difficult for a less-seasoned investigator.

With an ever-growing reliance on technology, knowledge of how to evaluate computers, and how to properly seize a computer is indispensable in an investigation. UCMJ Investigations has consistently remained ahead of the curve in all matters of investigations. Our investigators understand how a computer might have been used or might contain information about a crime. The forensic department can efficiently analyze the computer to recognize how the computer may be connected to the crime. This experienced team understands the procedure for seizures and knows that when a seizure is done incorrectly it becomes inadmissible in court, and has the potential to completely destroy evidence.

UCMJ Investigations has conducted criminal investigations for a variety of agencies including local, state, and federal, as well as private industry and contract positions. Their team of skilled investigators has the experience to uncover new facts about your case, locate witnesses, prepare well-written concise reports, and more, allowing for you to spend more time serving your clients.

Make sure any investigator you use has these prerequisites.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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