Components of a Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal Defense Investigations
Major Components of a Criminal Defense Investigation

Have you ever considered what the major components of a criminal defense investigation are? Any good investigator starts his investigation with a plan and considers the different components of a criminal defense investigation in that plan. You cannot build a successful criminal defense case unless every major component is complete and in place.

A skilled professional investigator, with knowledge of investigative procedures and law, can help you put in place the pieces you need to increase your success rate. For example, the “right” investigator can uncover new and previously unknown facts about your case, previously unknown witnesses, and experts who can assist with your technical defenses. The “right” investigator can review law enforcement investigations and identify critical errors or omissions.

Working with the “right” professional investigator can benefit you in several other important ways:

  • Ensure that all major components of your criminal defense are complete and sound
  • Provide court-ready documentation of investigative findings
  • Give you more time to work with clients, prepare your cases and grow your business
  • Expand your professional service offering

How will you know if you have found the “right” investigator? The “right” investigator will be well-versed in investigative procedures and the relevant law. He will have experience with crime scene reconstruction and interpreting crime scene reports.

The “right” investigator is one who has the knowledge and skip trace technology to find lost or previously unidentified witnesses who might have important information relevant to your case.

He will be skilled and knowledgable about digital forensics – an increasingly important element of your practice. The “right” investigator will know proper computer search and seizure procedures, as well as how to extract information from a computer without destroying evidence or rendering it inadmissible in court.

The “right investigator will be able to understand the important components of your case and aid you in assembling them. He will clearly represent his findings in a concise, professionally written report that can stand up in court.

In short, the “right” investigator will partner with you to make your criminal defense case stronger and more impermeable.

The professionals at UCMJ Investigations are the “right” investigators. With over 45 years of experience and a recently expanded computer forensics and forensic hacking department, our investigators have the experience and instinct to help you achieve the major components of a criminal defense investigation.

UCMJ Investigations has conducted criminal investigations for a variety of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as for private industry and contract positions. Our experience ranges from investigating minor crimes (e.g., theft and assault) to major crimes (e.g., murder, rape, counterintelligence, drug cases, medical fraud, and computer crime investigations). Using that knowledge we can provide quality input to your client’s defense team.

Our investigators are familiar with the requirements of an investigation into inadequate representation, in that if a client’s attorney doesn’t represent them properly and the client is convicted of a crime, the client can get an attorney appointed to review and appeal the conviction.

You know what you need to do to build a successful criminal defense case. UCMJ Investigations knows too. Contact us today at 501-515-2868 to put the “right” investigator on your team.

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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