Choosing the Best Juror for Your Case

Choosing the Best Juror for Your Case
Choosing the Best Juror for Your Case

Choosing the best juror for your case is a topic that doesn’t come up until a crisis hits. Jury selection is one of the most important steps you take in preparing for trial. Since the jury panel ultimately determines your client’s guilt or innocence, your success is directly affected by your ability to identify and eliminate prospective jurors who are likely to hurt your case.  Which jurors should you eliminate? How do you know? Having the right tools for choosing the best juror for your case is important.

In-depth jury profiling requires painstaking research, analysis, and probably more time than you can afford.  However, if you do not invest adequate time to ensure a good jury panel, you begin the trial with a strike against yourself and your client. At UCMJ Investigations we invest our time by working around the clock to help you learn who best suits your case, so you don’t have to

Our mission is to uncover the information you need to eliminate the least desirable potential jurors. We are trained observers, expert at profiling jurors based on their body language, reaction to information and general behavior in the courtroom. Our input to your voir dire questions get maximum information from prospective jurors in minimum time, and our analysis of jury questionnaires may uncover valuable information about a potential juror’s life experiences, relationships between parties of the action, ethics, and morals.

We conduct extensive background research so you can really know your jury, with the assurance that every juror is who and what they claim to be. We provide you with knowledge of when jurors take liberties outside their scope and help for your case by knowing if a juror violates the judge’s behavioral instructions.

Even the most well-selected jury presents specific challenges to you. Perhaps the most germane is the fact that laypersons almost always see cases differently than lawyers do.

Jurors often react differently than expected to evidence, because rather than analyze the evidence in the context of the case, they analyze it within the context of their individual life experience, morals or beliefs. Jurors weigh evidence on the scale of their own lives, and facts and evidence that you think are crucial to the case may not mean anything to the jury panel.

At UCMJ Investigations we look at your case through the eyes of a juror. We listen as they listen, we analyze as they analyze. We participate in mock trial and mock jury panels, focus groups, and post-trial juror interviews and provide you with our observations. This helps you gain information about how a “layperson” might view case particulars and make decisions.

Our Community Attitude Surveys and media exposure analysis provides a unique insight into the influence of geography and media exposure on potential juror’s attitudes.  We offer our skilled attention for assessment of your opening arguments, analysis of opening and closing statements, and evaluation of case strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, we guide you in using this information to benefit your client.

The earlier you partner with us, the greater your opportunity to strengthen your client’s position and win your case. UCMJ Investigations is available to you 24 hours a day with the innovative investigation and litigation support you need to make strategic decisions and eliminate unfavorable surprises from a jury.

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