Can you be wrongly accused?

Wrongly Accused?
Can you be wrongly accused?

Can you be wrongly accused?

You absolutely can be wrongly accused and it will have a profound effect on your life. For that reason, you need a good attorney, and that attorney needs a good investigator to represent you.

I just read one shining example of how a wrongly accused man was affected by overzealous and possibly misdirected police officers who had to suffer because of their actions.

A Brooklyn man whom police tackled and handcuffed after a relative mistook his infant daughter’s diaper rash for sexual abuse.

The article1 (see the credit link below) stated “Larry and Talleta Thompson’s baby Nala was only 1 week old in January 2014 when EMTs arrived at their apartment one night, responding to a call from Talleta’s sister. As Thompson’s lawyers noted in their petition to the court, the sister has “cognitive delays” and was in the Thompsons’ care.

Thompson told the EMTs to leave and was similarly unwelcoming of the police officers who arrived next, asking to see a warrant and to speak with their sergeant. It is disputed whether Thompson shoved the officers when they tried to come in. They took him into custody, while Nala went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with diaper rash.

The EMTs later confirmed as well there were no signs of child sexual abuse. Thompson meanwhile spent two days in jail. Unwilling to take a plea deal, he waited another three months for the city to dismissed (sp) the charges against him. In a subsequent lawsuit under the Fourth Amendment, Thompson sought damages from the officers on the grounds that they had maliciously prosecuted him without probable cause.

The case went before the Supreme Court and ultimately gained the phrase of the MacArthur Justice Center noting that “Until today, police officers who framed an innocent person — for instance falsifying or planting evidence — could get a free pass,

If you have been accused of an offense, the lesson is to stick to your guns. The accused man wouldn’t take a plea agreement for something he didn’t do. You shouldn’t either. Say nothing to police investigators and ask for your attorney.

Contact us and we will help you to find a good attorney.


1 “Dad arrested over bad case of diaper rash prevails at high court”, by ALEXANDRA JONES / April 4, 2022, Courthouse News Service.

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