What a Private Investigator Can Do for You

What can an investigator do for me
What can a PI do for me?

Do you need to hire a professional investigator? One of the most important decisions any attorney makes is to determine what a private investigator can do for his case. An investigator will be most helpful if he or she is involved from the inception of the case, so if you think you may want to hire one it is to your advantage to develop a relationship with a competent professional investigator before the need arises. And that brings us back to the original question. What can a private investigator do for you?

UCMJ Investigations’ FREE 1-hour CLE workshop, Hiring and Utilizing a Private Investigator in Your Law Practice, is designed to make your decision very clear and very easy. This course was custom-developed to give attorneys the tools they need to determine when to use a private investigator and comply with the licensing and utility laws relevant to investigative practices in various areas.

The benefits of a professional partnership with a qualified investigator often precede work on an actual case. An experienced investigator can help you assess a case even before you accept it. He or she can provide you with detailed expectations for outcomes of different types of investigations and legal limitations to those investigations, all of which can help you decide whether or not to take the case. Why waste your time, energy, and money on a case that isn’t the right fit for you or your business? Wouldn’t it be better to realize that ahead of time?

Conducting research and following up on leads that may strengthen your client’s case is important work, but is it necessarily your work to do? Is that really the best use of your limited time? A skilled investigator is able to obtain and report information from individuals, live sources and databases that you may not otherwise be able to access or have the time to pursue. A good investigator has the training and opportunity to interrogate uncooperative witnesses, scrutinize their body-language, and garner useful, admissible witness testimony.

We are pleased to offer our CLE- approved Hiring and Utilizing a Private Investigator in Your Law Practice course in the comfort of your own office. Your colleagues and clients will benefit from your attention to this course, and you yourself can expect to gain knowledge and skills that you can readily apply in your practice, including the ability to:

  • Successfully screen and qualify a private investigator
  • Understand the information an investigator needs from you in order to provide comprehensive services.
  • Clearly articulate expectations for investigations and the procedures for managing critical changes in findings.
  • Understand fee structures and expectations for managing investigative needs and client expectations

If you want to learn more about what a private investigator can do for you and your clients and earn CLE credits while doing so, register today for our FREE CLE workshop Hiring and Utilizing a Private Investigator in Your Law Practice. Your clients will thank you. If you share this invitation with your colleagues, they will thank you too!

** If you have a case and are not sure if an investigator can help or contribute to your case, contact us for a free review. **

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